Hairdreams extensions

Using incomparable quality 5 star and 7 star (this hair is reusable) ethically sourced hair from Hairdreams, to add length or thickness, is done using tiny undetectable attachments. Depending on your requirements Louise offers different bonding techniques, using only the finest quality hair. The hair can be applied in less than an hour for a whole new hair transformation. Colours can be blended to achieve multi tonal effects and root shadow colours to achieve the latest on trend balayage looks without the use of bleach. A bespoke placement of colour to contour and enhance your features enabling you to be the very best version of yourself. Maybe it’s just a flash of colour you’re looking for or tired of waiting for a style to grow out, everything is possible to achieve the look you require. A specialist cutting technique is used to blend the added hair into your own, giving a natural appearance to the finished look. 

Quickies/ Secrets (Tapes)

Achieve the hair you have always wanted in record time, the quikkies are low profile, adhesive strips, made from ultra-light fabric which easily integrates and blends into your own hair.

 Ideal for adding thickness, creating flashes of colour, and length to hair in a super-fast application time.


With secrets we are able to push the boundaries and apply in areas usually considered a no go area when using hair extensions, due to the hair being carefully injected into the tape, resulting in the perfect blend, as if actually growing from the roots.  Available in 5 star hair and with a variety of colours and root shadows to make achieving on trend styles and colours possible without the use of chemicals, can be reused over and over again, lasting 6 months or more.